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By Burim — In SEO — April 29, 2021


How Does Video Help SEO Strategy?

How Does Video Help SEO Strategy?

How to Use Video as Part of Your SEO Strategy

As an online business, it’s important to know and maximize your SEO strategy. If you’re not sure what Search Engine Optimization is then this guide from Google is very useful.

You’re probably reading this as you already have a good idea, it’s all about ranking as highly as possible in search results. 

With SEO, there is an understandable focus on written content but there are other ways to master your SEO strategy. Here we take a look at how you can use video as part of that strategy to ultimately gain more traffic.

High-Quality Content Drives Traffic

SEO is no longer about stuffing as many keywords as you can into your text as user experience has become increasingly important.

The longer that your visitors can stay on your webpage, the better.

Inserting a video onto your webpage is a great way to keep your visitors engaged.

Google looks for two key factors which are the bounce rate and dwell time.

Bounce rate is determined by how quickly someone will go from your page and back to your search results. You want this to be as low as possible and videos help with that.

Videos will also greatly improve their dwell time. They will want to watch the video, especially if it is high-quality and informative.

Having a low bounce rate and high dwell time will mean more chances for the page to rank highly with Google.


Build Links and Shares

One of the most important ways to build a great SEO rating on Google is through links. If high-authority websites link to your webpage then it’s a sign to the search engine that your page is a trusted source of information.

If you have a high-quality video then other websites are going to link to it. This will not only increase the number of links to your website but only generate huge amounts of traffic.

This is why it’s a good idea to put time and effort into your videos. Using a free resource such as Animoto for your visitors is an easy way to get high-quality content. 

Increase Brand Awareness

There are plenty of indirect ways that you can increase your SEO and one of them is through increasing brand awareness. If you become a source of trusted videos then people are likely to go back to your website time and again.

Along with the video, there are many other ways to increase brand awareness such as creating a great new logo, which you can do here. It’s all about being an authority in whatever subject you specialize in. 

This all links back to the user experience. You don’t just want to have eyes on your page, you want them to come away from that page feeling better for it.

Having a strong brand means your visitors will trust you and will stay on your page. 

Increasing Conversions 

Having high-quality video as part of your SEO strategy is going to increase the number of conversations around your website.

One great example of that is your content being shared across social media. Generating a buzz is going to increase the popularity of your website.

While gaining traffic is important, your end goal is most likely going to be monetizing that traffic in some way. This could be by selling products, advertising, or through commission.

Video is a great way of selling your products, giving key information, or becoming someone they can trust.

All of this can lead to a higher conversion rate for your website which is why you wanted to optimize it for search engines in the first place. 

This is a guest post, written by Bruce Carroll.