YouTube Keyword Research: How to SEO YouTube Videos? [Guide]

By Burim — In SEO — February 17, 2019



Keyword Research for Youtube

Youtube Keyword Research is a process where we search for words or phrases (keyword search) that people search in the Youtube search form to find the videos they are looking for.

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Youtube Keyword Research

Youtube Keyword Research

Youtube is a platform where people list their videos, but also it is a search engine where searchers search for video topics.

Is there SEO for YouTube?

Yes, there is SEO for Youtube, because as we have said earlier Youtube is also a search engine for videos, so there is also a process of optimizing the content for this search engine.

Youtube SEO: Increase traffic on your Youtube videos by finding the best keywords to include in your title and description and raise your ranking videos on the Youtube video search result page.

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How do you find keywords on YouTube?

To search long-tail keywords for Youtube there are a lot of procedures, using various SEO tools and methods.

Here we are going to write some of the procedures that are preferred by us and that we use ourselves for our clients and that are easier to implement and have produced great results.

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Find Seed Keywords for Your Video – Keyword Research for Youtube

When you start your Youtube Keyword Research process first you need to find or know your seed keywords for your video.

Seed keywords are those words that are equivalent to topics that you want to produce content about, and usually, they are broader and have high search volume but also very high SEO competition.

A high SEO competition is one of the reasons why we don’t use these keywords directly in the content instead, we find the longtail versions of them that have lower competition and lower SEO difficulty.

How to find Seed Keyword for Video?

You need to know the content of the video, you need to know what is the video talking about (video content).
If you do not know what the video is talking about you need to watch the video and ask yourself “What is this video talking about?”, or “How you would search for this video on Youtube?”.
It’s good to find approximately two seed keywords for every video.

Find Related Keywords for the Seed Keywords

Search for the Seed Keywords in Google and Youtube and copy the related keywords from Google and youtube autocomplete.
Make a list of around 8 related keywords.

Start The Youtube Keyword Research

So now you have a list of around 10 keywords (2 Seed + 8 Related), open your youtube keyword tool and paste those keywords in there.
Some tools offer Youtube keyword research for video SEO and if you have access to these kinds of tools then continue the process in those tools, if not you can always use Google Keyword Planner.
In your chosen SEO tool continue to do the keyword research process in the same way you would do for SEO for Google.
Find the keywords with a good monthly search volume and that are easy to rank for.

Competition Research: How do you see YouTube video tags?

If you want your research to be even more complete then we would prefer you to do the competition research.

How to do Competition Research on Youtube?

Go to Youtube and make search for your Seed Keyword and open the video on top of the search result page.
Open the source code of the video and in HTML code search (Ctrl+F) for the tag and there you can find the keyword tags used by your competition.
You can continue the same process for the second Seed Keyword and for other related keywords that you have found with the keyword research done before.

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How many tags can I put on a YouTube video?

When you upload your videos on Youtube, there you have the option to write the tags which are words that should in best way describe the content of your video.

You can use as many tags as you want but it is preferred to use around 8-10 keyword tags per video.

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