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By Burim — In SEO — December 9, 2018



What Is Amazon Keyword Research?

Here we are going to write about Amazon Keyword Research as the most important process in the optimization of a product listing on Amazon.

Like everything regarding optimization for ranking on search engines, that starts with keyword research, the same should be applied also for listing products on Amazon and ranking high in the Amazon search engine.

Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon Keyword Research

There has never been easier to start a business online than now because there are many ways available to sell the products or services that we offer.

Amazon is the best platform available online to sell products.

It is very helpful, but also it is hard to become a successful seller there because of the very high competition on Amazon.

That’s where Amazon SEO comes in handy!

Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Amazon SEO is an optimization process of a product listing to rank higher in the Amazon search engine for a query that consumers are searching for on Amazon.

An Amazon product listing needs optimization, not just for ranking high but also for converting into sales, so we need to sell our products on Amazon and not just visitors clicking on them.

Types Of Keywords

And that’s why we need to know how to differentiate informational and buyer keywords.

Informational keywords are words that we use to describe something that searchers are searching for in search engines.

Buyer intent keywords are those words that searchers are searching in the search engines with the intent to buy something usually online.

For example, an informational keyword is “How do I optimize my Amazon listing??”, and a buyer intent keyword is “I need Amazon product listing service”.

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Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Any way to do the process of keyword research for Amazon, they’re a lot of available tools, to help us do the research, and I will be listing some of them here.

Some of these tools are free to use and some need to be paid but allow a free trial or offer limited use.

1. Amazon Keyword Tool: Research Amazon Keywords For SEO (FREE)

So this tool uses Amazon’s suggestion from the Amazon search engine and generates the most used relevant keywords for the query that we do the research on.

2. Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword and Product Research Tool

Find the most profitable keywords in over 75 million real Amazon search terms. Discover competitor keywords with free reverse ASIN lookup.

3. Keyword Inspector – The Free Amazon Keyword Suggestions Tool

Similar to other tools above this tool also uses search suggestions and you can also use the free reverse ASIN lookup.

4. Amazon Reverse ASIN Search Tool

This tool helps us to find the keywords that our competition is using in their listings.And this process is by simply putting the ASIN of their products in the search form, this tool will then bring us keywords that our competition is using in his listing.

So ASIN reverse lookup process is similar to competition research in the SEO process for Google or other search engines.
These tools are some of the most known on the internet for Amazon Keyword Research, but there are more, and you can find them with a short-time Google search.

Amazon Keyword Research Service

The process for this is straightforward, and most people can do it very easily with these tools, but there is more for professional keyword research for Amazon and you can always hire us to do the job for you.We recommend you read also about Etsy SEO and Keyword Research.

If you have any questions about our SEO Services, you can use the comments form belove and let us know about that.