Etsy Keyword Research | How To Find Keywords For Your Shop?

By Burim — In SEO — March 18, 2019



What is Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace or e-commerce website focused on handmade, gifts, vintage items, and unique manufactured items.

Etsy Keyword Research

Etsy Keyword Research

It is a huge website with a huge base of sellers and buyers.

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What is Etsy SEO?

Etsy SEO is a process that will help to increase the visibility of your shop and products by ranking them higher in the Etsy search result pages, but also in search engines like Google, Bing, etc…

How do I optimize my Etsy shop?

When it comes to optimizing your shop there are a few things to remember:

  1. Offer a good selling product,
  2. Choose the best keywords for your shop,
  3. Write a great shop title,
  4. Write a good shop description,
  5. Name your shop sections with well-chosen keywords,
  6. Write great product descriptions, including item titles and descriptions.

What are the keywords on Etsy?

Keywords on Etsy are words or phrases, a group of words that searchers and buyers are typing in the search bar of the Etsy website, and search for products.
Obviously who use these keywords better in their shop have a bigger chance of appearing higher on the search result page, and that will bring in more traffic to your shop and this means more sales for you.

How do tags work on Etsy?

Tags on Etsy are very similar to tags on any other platform, like for example tags on WordPress.

So tags can be used as single words or small groups of words that can describe your product in the shop.

Then the search engine matches your product tags with search queries that users type in the search form to give them relevant results.

So as you can see tags are very important and if used well can bring you traffic and increase sales of your products in your shop.

So you need to know what people are searching for on the search form and then write those words or phrases on tags, not only on tags but on a product title, description, categories, etc…

How do I research keywords on Etsy?

You can research keywords on Etsy just like in other types of the process, by using tools that analyze Etsy keywords and that show their data metrics.

What is Etsy Keyword Research?

Etsy Keyword Research is a process similar to keyword research for any search engine optimization but its purpose is to find the best keywords for you to include in your shop, your item (product) that you want to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Keyword Research helps you find queries that have high demand or good monthly search volume, and low competition which means that is easy to rank and has high engagement from the searchers on the search engine.

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How do I find keywords on Etsy?

There are a lot of different ways to do keyword research for Etsy, and I am going to explain some of them here.

Here’s how to do that:

Like for any other keyword research process, here also you need tools to do the research and choose the best possible keywords for your campaign.

Some of the best tools to do this type of keyword research are:

1. Search Bar – Keyword Suggestions

Just like in the Google search bar, you can get query suggestions when you start writing the words in the search form on Etsy.

Usually, those keyword suggestions are the best when it comes to finding search queries because the search engine knows what is being searched on, and based on the word that you start writing they give you suggestions.

To get the approximate monthly search volume for every search query, you can use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and which will give you the search volume for every word you type.

2. Google Keyword Planner

You can use Google Keyword Planner for finding the best keywords for your competitors on Etsy.

Pay attention!

Open Google Keyword Planner, then go to your competitor’s shop on Etsy and copy the URL of their shop on the browser, or copy the URL of some of their products that are competing and outranking the same product like yours and then paste it in the Google Keyword Planner form.

After pasting the URL on the Google Keyword Planner, then choose “This page only” and click “Get started”.

Then Google Keyword Planner will extract for you all the keywords that this page is using to rank for.

3. Etsy Trends

With Etsy Trends you can see which products are trending on Etsy.

This will be very helpful to you for product research and based on that you can also make research as described above and find the best keywords for the best trending products.

4. Alura Tools for Growing Your Etsy Business

Alura suite of tools is my recommended choice for Etsy shop optimization.
Alura has a list of tools and resources needed for the optimization of the Etsy shop, like
  • Etsy Keyword Finder, for keyword research.
  • Alura Extension – for your browser,
  • Listing Helper, a tool to help audit and optimize your Etsy listing.
  • Etsy Privacy Policy Generator and
  • Etsy Fee Calculator.
It comes in two planes free and premium.
The best thing about Alura is that the premium plan costs only 10$ per month if paid annually, and it has features such as:
  • Estimated sales
  • Estimated revenue
  • Alura score
  • Tag analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Price estimator
Now to do keyword research on Alura, go to the Keyword Finder tool.
For the Keyword Finder to work, you need to connect an Etsy account.
After this step, type your seed keyword or topic in the search bar and hit the search button.
Everything after this is similar to the other keyword research tools.
The features and metrics that the Alura Keyword Finder tool shows are:
  • Views
  • Favorites
  • Competition
  • Sales
  • Price
  • Main Category
  • Similar keywords
This tool also has an Etsy Product Research Tool, that has the intention to help you find the best products to sell on Etsy.


EtsyRank is a keyword research tool that is free to use so it is one that I suggest you use for your optimization project.

Go to EtsyRank and create a new account if you don’t already have one, then connect your shop with this tool.

Then in the menu click on the keyword tool to open the tool.

In the tool just write your seed keyword, in this case, it should be the keyword that in the best way describes your product.

After this step, then the EtsyRank tool will give you a lot of information about the seed keyword you have typed.

This information is the metrics that EtsyRank will give you, and those metrics are:

Engagement – shows us the engagement that your specific keyword got in the past on Etsy. It’s important because it tells us how likely this product described with this keyword will sell.
Demand – shows us the search volume of the search term, and how many times on average this query has been searched monthly until now.
Competition – tells us how much this keyword is competitive, and it is measured from EtsyRank by calculating how many times the keyword has been used as a tag on products on Etsy.

The best keywords are highlighted with green color on all three metrics.

If you need this service to be done for you then you can always contact me and get a quote from me about your project.