Master Account-Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

By Burim — In SEO — June 5, 2018

The newest marketing trend to take the advertising world by storm is known as account-based marketing, which goes by ABM for short.
This marketing strategy helps take things to another level because it’s powerful and effective, and companies far and wide are using it to help enhance their overall marketing efforts.
Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Keeping the latest statistics in mind, a group of B2B marketers was polled and 92% of the group felt that account-based marketing was an incredibly important part of their overall marketing strategy.
84% of the same group of marketers felt that ABM creates better retention rates and further opportunities to upsell their customers and enhance their bottom line.
We’ve recently created a five-step action plan that has been helping our clients achieve tremendous marketing impact according to this great resource that we recently picked up.
This plan, when put in place, is like having a high-powered public relations team, online marketing specialists, and media relations experts all working to help create a major impact on your overall bottom line.

The Five-Step Account-based Marketing Strategy in Action

Step #1: Setting Goals and Planning

This stage of the ABM strategy is all about planning and setting goals.
You should take this part of the process very seriously because it sets the stage for the rest of the project.
At this point, you should determine your overall goals; determine which members of your team will handle certain aspects of the project, content creation, engagement, and market penetration, and ways to further analyze your ABM strategy for greater success.
account based marketing strategy

Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Step #2: Divvying up ABM Project Assignments

Now that you’ve put your plan together and all of the pieces are in place, it’s time to dissect the different aspects of the project and assign each aspect to team members based on their overall skill level.
As an example, if one member of your team is particularly good at creating engaging content, then you should certainly assign this person to the content creation team.
If another member of the team excels on social media, then this person should be part of developing the overall social media sharing strategy, etc.

Step #3: Create Engaging, Shareable Content

You have a plan in place and all of the necessary tasks are delegated.
Now it’s time to create shareable content that your potential customers will ultimately find valuable and engaging.
Sharing content online helps to provide businesses with a measure of authority by proving that they are an expert in their industry.
Since people enjoy watching online videos, reading engaging content, and listening to compelling and educational information, it’s best to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for while proving to them that you and the members of your staff are truly a major authority and big player in your overall industry.
Once your potential customers realize that you are the real deal, they will quickly begin purchasing your products and services in no time at all.

Step #4: Break Through to Your Target Audience Using the Right Engagement Tactics

Engaging with current and potential customers is truly the best way to increase your bottom line in today’s digital world.
Finding the best ways to engage with your audience might be tricky initially.
Social media is certainly an excellent option and the large majority of your audience will have a presence on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, so use them wisely and engage with your customers on social media sites.
Blogging is another excellent option.
Creating videos posted on YouTube and social media sites is also an exceptional choice. Test every one of these options and figure out which ones your audience responds to the best.
Once you have this information, you can use it to ramp up your account-based marketing campaign.

Step #5: Analyzing Your Account-based Marketing Campaign

The final step makes it easy to ramp up your overall campaign strategy.
Analyze your marketing efforts up to this point and figure out what you’re doing that creates the best results and also discover which aspects of your overall marketing campaign aren’t having positive results.
Ramp up the good strategies and eliminate or cut back on the ones that aren’t working.


You now have all the steps to master account-based marketing. Use this five-step plan to create greater audience engagement that will ultimately turn your fans into paying customers.

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